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Protects against electric shock
Prevents dangerous over-heating and fire
Prevents the socket being pulled out
Saves energy

Electrical contact occurs only after complete insertion of the plug and a 90 degree rotation

Rotation is not possible without a full insertion of two plug pins. No rotation means no electricity  

It is not possible to rotate defective plugs. This prevens dangerous over-heating and fire 

Saves energy by allowing easy unplugging of mobile chargers and other devices

The socket will be never pulled out of the wall when the plug is withdrawn from the socket

Carries world-wide patent and can be used in most countries in Europe, Asia, Middle East and North American

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Filiba Safety Socket
Invented by Dr Yaakov Filiba
Français, Español, Türk: +972 52 3676003
English, Hebrew: +44 7531 983988
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